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A Brief Comparative Analysis of Service Packages and Prices

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The company Tammans Group International and the Alternative International Health Resort Alliance Association offer fundamentally new approaches in treatment, using completely non-surgical and non-medical methods.
Our patients undergo treatment and rehabilitation courses that aren't in the hospital setting of medical centers, but at the best Bulgarian resorts - on the Black Sea coast or in the mountainous forests.
Basic service packages include air tickets, transfer, hotel accommodation, an all-inclusive diet, excursion programs, and exclusive treatment methods developed by Israeli specialists.
The projects "Alternative Balkans" and "Balkan House" offer their clients a full range of both medical and tourism services, at prices much lower than the prices offered by international medical centers.

Prices for surgical operations on the locomotor system in the leading medical centers of the world.

*"Helios" medical centre / Berlin / Germany
Knee joint replacement 16 000 € - 24 000 €
Discectomy - 15 000 € - 25 000 €
*"Ihillov" medical centre / Tel Aviv / Israel
Shoulder joint replacement 18 000 $ - 20 000 $
Knee joint replacement 17 000 $ - 21 000 $
Spinal scoliosis 35 000 $ - 50 000 $
*"Kang Dong" medical centre / Seoul / South Korea
Discectomy starting at  15 800 $
Spinal scoliosis 11 200 $ - 14 900 $
Knee joint replacement 13 500 $
*"Teknon" medical centre / Barcelona / Spain
Shoulder joint replacement 20 000 $ - 24 000 $
Knee joint replacement starting at 21 000 $

Note: The prices for the surgery do not include payment for hospitalisation and post-surgical treatment, which account for additional tens of thousands of dollars.

The price for one day of hospitalisation

*"Levinshtein" rehabilitation hospital / Ra'anana / Israel
The price for one day of hospitalisation - 1 300 € - 1 400 € /All inclusive/

Day hospital

*Rehabilitation Clinic Charite / Berlin / Germany
Price for 1 day - 230 € - 390 €

Retirement and nursing homes

* USA & Canada
Price range from $ 60 000 per year / $ 168 per day / to $ 200,000 per year / $ 548 per day.

* Germany
Price range from 40000 € to 80000 € per year

* Israel
A mandatory deposit is required from $500,000 to $800,000 with further annual deduction of a total of 3% per year plus monthly payment from $1500 to $5000.

The main disadvantages found in retirement and nursing homes in the US, Canada, Israel and Europe are:

Lack of dietary nutrition.
Additional charges for breakfast, lunch, and dinner apply.

*Medical service:
The medical staff consists of a doctor and nurses, whose duties include only providing first aid, measuring blood pressure and temperature.
If   disease is diagnosed, immediate hospitalization follows.
None of the Retirement/Nursing Homes in the world has its own medical facilities for treatment of chronic diseases (peculiar to all elderly people) in the field of orthopedics, neurology and endocrinology.

* Location
A common disadvantage of most American, Israeli and European Retirement/Nursing Homes is their location within the city boundaries, in close proximity to roadways with heavy traffic.


Czech Republic (Karlovy Vary / Mariánské Lázně)
The price range is from  80€ - 120€
Airfare and excursions are not included.
Czech sanatorium wellness programs consist of three types of physiotherapy treatment:
* Electrotherapy.
Makes up at least 50% of total procedures.
* Hydrotherapy.
Based on the use of the local mineral water for patients with gastrointestinal tract diseases.

Warning:Rehabilitation programs and treatment of chronic orthopedic diseases (projects  “Alternative Balcans” and “Balkan House”) completely exclude any kind of electrotherapy due to their low effectiveness and serious side effects.
Hydrotherapy and heat therapy are used in our practice solely as auxiliary rather than basic techniques as part of the integrated usage of dozens of types of rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy. 

4 & 5 star hotels

USA / Canada / Europe / Israel
The price range is from  150$ - 300$
Breakfast included.

Alternative international sanatorium-resort alliance

There are three main categories of retirement and nursing homes depending on state of health of the elderly:

*First category: for individuals who live an independent way of life
*Second category: for individuals who do not live independently, have restrictions in movement and remain at bed rest.
*Third category: for people with mental illnesses.

Hotels, members of the Alternative International Health Resort Alliance, specialize in working with elderly people belonging to the First category.

Alliance partners participate in “Alternative Balkans” and “Balkan House” projects.
The customer service system combines features of the hotel, spa and medical center, all in one
Alternative Alliance Hotels have excellent locations: beautiful nature and clean air in walking distance from the sea coast, mountains, lakes, parks and woods.
The “Alternative Balkans” and “Balkan House” projects have a common set of rules and services that applies to all partners of the Alternative International Health Resort Alliance:

* Dietary meals / All inclusive / Based on Balkan, Italian and French cuisine restaurants.
* Medical, intellectual and sightseeing programs.
* There are no legal and financial obligations.

The basic package includes:
* Air tickets
* Transport service
* Accommodation
* Dietary meals / all-inclusive /
* Laboratory studies
* Preparation of a "Synapse" medical card

* 1 excursion per week  

"Balkan Home" Tour
Price / 1 day / - 169 € per day

Medical tour
Price / 1 day / - 209 € per day

Wellness tour
Price / 1 day / - 179 € per day


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