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Project "Balkan Home Tammans"

Bulgaria, a member of the EU, is one of the most developed Balkan countries.

The country’s population is 7 million people.

National currency: Lev (2 lev = 1 €).

In 2023, Bulgaria will finally complete the process of joining the eurozone, also in 2023, the abolition of the national currency and the transition to the euro are expected.

Bulgaria borders Serbia, Romania, Macedonia, Greece, and Turkey.

Bulgaria has international airports, and seaports on the Black Sea, and a well-developed network of railways and highways. The country

has a mild climate, vast territory with many forests, mountains, lakes and mineral springs.

Our choice in favor of Bulgaria, as the most optimal option, is based on such factors as relatively inexpensive land, low construction cost, abundance of qualified and at the same time low-cost  workforce, compared to Israel, the USA, Germany and other countries.

Sanatorium "Infinity" Bansko

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Sanatorium "Kiora"  Bansko

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Sanatorium "Sv. Georgi"  Plovdiv

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Sanatorium "Terama" 《Bansko》

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Spa resorts are immensely popular all over the world.

This is an excellent opportunity to relax and improve your health at the same time.

Unfortunately,  spa treatment is very often plagued by outdated infrastructure and equipment.

An analysis of the treatment programs of most European Spa resorts reveals that they employ a standard approach to activity management, a limited selection of services and medical procedures (there  are mainly mineral springs + spa services.)

This is, indeed, causes no harm to healthy people; however, it is completely insufficient for sick people.
For those diagnosed with chronic diseases, especially seniors, such procedures have no noticeable therapeutic effect.
A major setback is also the short duration of the tours, not exceeding 7-14 days.

This is, in fact, not enough to obtain any noticeable therapeutic or healing effect. Moreover, such a short stay at the resort is not enough to adapt the organism and leads to the quite opposite negative effect, triggering the exacerbation of existing diseases and emergence of new ones. Very often, after visiting the spa resort, oncological, neurological orthopedic and cardiological diseases are diagnosed and exacerbated.

In the process of creating the project, we have analyzed leading European spa and health centers specializing in the treatment of chronic diseases.

A survey was conducted among 6,500 people visiting  these facilities.

A large group of specialists from Israel, China, Bulgaria, Germany and Russia,  specializing in treatment of chronic disease by methods of alternative medicine and physiotherapy, took part the project (problems of the musculoskeletal system, restoration of blood circulation in the lower extremities, overweight, hypertension, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.)

Unique treatment methods developed by our specialists are based on  human anatomy and physiology, aimed at restoring the metabolism, circulatory, nervous and immune systems.

The treatment methods are based on the combined use of various types of therapeutic exercises, hydrotherapy, reflexology, fascial, periosteal and segmental massage, compresotherapy, balneotherapy, dietetics and applied psychology, etc. Our methods actively use the rich experience of national schools of restorative medicine in Israel, China, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Thailand, India and other countries.

Treatment programs differ  greatly and individual approaches are used to each patient. The program duration lasts from 3 to 4 weeks.

In fact, for the first time in world practice, we offer a fundamentally new concept of treatment and living that combines the main characteristics of a spa resort, medical center and nursing home.

We offer our customers an adequate pricing policy for the All Inclusive system,  which includes luxury accommodation, a varied dietary diet, unique healing, intellectual, cultural and tourism programs.

Our projects trademark is not only exclusive therapeutic and recovery methods for treating chronic diseases, but also a well-thought-out food system made from environmentally friendly products, under the guidance of experienced chefs and nutritionists on an individual basis, as well as intellectual, tourism and cultural programs.

All resorts have round-the-clock security and indoor video surveillance, which allows for our clients’ family members to closely monitor their daily activities in real time.

Health status information and treatment progress updates are sent to a personal Internet page on each patient; access to the page is available only to medical staff and family members.


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