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The program of the medical package of the voucher of the sanatorium "Infinity" / Bansko
Balkan House Tammans Bulgaria - European Union

Specialization "Chronic diseases"

* Chronic diseases of the joints and spine
* Excess weight
* Restoration of blood circulation in the lower extremities in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2
* Hypertension & Atherosclera
* Rehabilitation for people who have had coronavirus
* Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease 《Initial forms》
* Treatment and recreation programs for seniors 70+
* Organic and functional impotence in men 《neutralization of drug addiction》
* Detoxification of the body. Restoration of metabolism and work of the gastrointestinal tract. 《Neutralization of drug addiction》

General rules for purchasing a voucher "Balkan Home Tammans"

* Send extracts from the medical history, laboratory tests, expert opinions to the e-mail of the medical consultation center in Israel + a short summary of your medical history in your own words.
Based on the analysis of this information, an individual procedural card will be drawn up
In case of contraindications, the client will be denied the purchase of a treatment voucher.
* Additional medical insurance
《Valid in EU countries》
Registration of a procedural card
"Synapse" and additional medical insurance is included in the tour price
Not included in the tour price:
* Compulsory medical insurance issued at the place of residence
* Vaccination against coronavirus
* Test for coronavirus 48 hours before arrival in Bulgaria

Treatment and rehabilitation programs
35-40 procedures per week

* Physiotherapy
Hydrotherapy & Comprestherapy & Physiotherapy & Respiratory Gymnastics & Inhalation & Segmental Reflex Massage & Stone Therapy & Paraffin Therapy & Mud & Vacuum Therapy

* Chinese medicine
Reflexology & Acupuncture & Shiatsu & Acupuncture & Osteopathy & Fasciotherapy * Periostherapy * Manual Therapy

* Animal therapy
Pet therapy - donkeys, goats, sheep, antelopes, rabbits, and others

* Art therapy
Psychological correction - based on art and creativity therapy

 * Dietetics
Individual programs for separate meals 《basis - physiology of digestion》

 * Psychological rehabilitation 《age 70+》
Restoration of lost or weakened conditioned reflexes.

Stimulation of motivation as the main regulator of all human activity.

 * Homeopathy

Treatment of chronic diseases with small doses of drugs without the formation of side effects

 * Naturopathy

Using natural factors 《air + water + sun》 to maintain and restore physical and mental health.


Tour 4 weeks
179 € per day per person in the room
159 € per day for 2 people in the room
Tour 8 weeks
169 € per day per person in the room
149 € per day for 2 people in the room
Tour 12 weeks
139 € per day per person in the room
129 € per day for 2 people in the room
*Attention :
If, after paying for the voucher, there is a need for additional procedures, in 《within the purchased tour》 - the client has the right to receive these procedures without any additional payment.
* The amount of the deposit 《4 weeks》 - 30% of the cost of the tour of the basic tour 《4 weeks》
* All financial transactions and payments are carried out and carried out through the bank accounts of the company "Solvex" tour operator 《Bulgaria

 Legal regulation:

It is carried out on the basis of the legislation of the state of Bulgaria and the countries of the European Union.

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