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Balkan Tourist Alliance《 BTA》

The Alliance members can be companies and organizations located on the territory of the Balkan Peninsula, the European Union, the US, Canada, Israel, China and other regions of the world.

A prerequisite for membership in the Alliance is direct or indirect relation to medical and tourism businesses.

The composition of the Alliance members

1 Tammans Balkan Group Ltd

2 Tour operator "Solveks"

3 Hotels of the "Infinity / Bansko" group

4 Sanatorium "St. George / Plovdiv"

5 Hotel "Koziy Rog / Malko Tarnovo"

6 Sofia Technologies Investments, OOD Sofia

Medical center MEDI KEAR BG EOOD, Varna.

Synapse Clinic (Herzelia / Israel)

Potential Alliance partners:

Spa Centres &  Nursing homes &  Medical centres &  Tour Operators &  Hotels &  Apartment complexes &  Construction companies & Airlines & Pharmaceutical companies & Agricultural companies & Food companies & Insurance companies & Real estate sales companies & Shopping centers & Financial institutions &  Industrial companies producing equipment, furniture and other (of any kind) for use in the medical and tourism businesses


The Alliance is a non-commercial and non-legal (without any general, financial obligations) public organization representing the interests of companies participating in the project in the national and international arena, with the aim of promoting individual and joint business projects and interests, marketing and searching for new sales markets for their services and goods.

The purpose of creating the Alliance is:

* Increasing the level of competitiveness of each project participant both in Bulgaria and internationally

* Promotion of joint and individual business projects

* Creation (in the future) of a single exchange multi-stock, which will make it possible to significantly mitigate the negative impact on the Alliance members business from the financial and political world crises (e.g., coronavirus.)

Estimated IPO date: May 2023.

The structure of the Alliance

* The Board of Directors consists of the senior executives and managers of the companies participating in the project

* Chairman of the Board of Directors: CEO of Tammans Balkan Group Ltd

(Participation of all participants in the the Alliance structures is carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis)

* Decision-making is carried out in the form of online video conference

* Exchange of information and presentation of new projects is carried out via email

* Links to our Internet resources (to increase traffic) to the websites of the Alliance partners.

* Members of the Alliance have the right to conclude business agreements with each other, which are not legally binding on the rest of the project participants and do not affect the personal interests of their Alliance partners 

* Members of the Alliance have the right, when conducting their individual business activities, to indicate their affiliation with the Balkan Tourism Alliance.

* Decisions are binding for all members of the Alliance only with unanimous approval and consent of all Alliance members.

* To withdraw from the membership of the Alliance, a simple notification in any form is sufficient, without giving reasons.

* Regulation of the Alliance is carried out on the basis of the legislation of the state of Bulgaria.


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