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Методы лечения / Treatment methods

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Внимание / Disclaimer

Вся информация о приведенных на сайте методах лечения, составляющих основу проектов " Альтернативные Балканы и Балканский дом ", - не является учебным пособием для медработников, не может быть использована в лечебных целях и является исключительно вспомогательной и предназначенна для общего пользования.

Метод " Synapsterapia"- это авторский проект.
Все права на применение метода "Synapsterapia " принадлежат израильскому частному центру реабилитационной медицины и физиотерапии " Synapse ".

All information about the mentioned here treatment methods, forming the basis of the projects "Alternative Balkans and the Balkan House", is not a training tool for health workers, cannot be used for medical purposes and is exclusively supporting and intended for general use.  The "Synapsterapia" method is an author's project.

All rights on the "Synapsterapia" method belong to the Israeli private center of rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy "Synapse".

Methods of treatment rehabilitation medicine
Chinese medicine & Physiotherapy & Dietology & Applied psychology

Conventional medicine for the treatment of chronic diseases offers surgical and medicament methods that have many drawbacks, only provide a temporary effect, and have a large number of side effects.

Chinese medicine and physiotherapy have no side effects and have the ability to neutralize the causes contributing to the occurrence of chronic diseases.

The method was based on the teachings of national schools of rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy in China, Mongolia, Thailand, Israel, Germany, Russia.
In the process of creating this method, thousands of unique archival documents were studied, extensive research was carried out to study the medical experience accumulated in Buddhist monasteries, information was exchanged with the best clinics of rehabilitation medicine in Asia, America and Europe.

The method "Sinapsterapia" is one of the newest most promising and effective directions in the complex treatment of chronic diseases, aimed at neutralizing anatomical and physiological pathologies.
As a result of the treatment, the body is cleansed of osteophytes and slags, there is a recovery of the periosteum, metabolism, capillary, nervous and immune systems. It includes more than 20,000 various techniques, methods and tactical schemes that include both original developments from specialists of our company and a wide range of all the main types of non-traditional medicine and physiotherapy of national schools of the world's leading countries.
The purpose and nature of the procedures is individual, based on the study of the medical history, diagnosis and condition of the patient at a particular point in time.
The course of treatment of chronic diseases takes into account all the information about the patient and includes the recommendations of the Israeli specialists who form the basis of the individual medical card "Synapse", the preliminary registration of which is a prerequisite for visitors for treatment in the framework of the Alternative Balkans and Balkan House projects.

Complex treatment with methods of rehabilitation medicine

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Sinapsterapia - A custom project of the Israeli Center for rehabilitation medicine
Synapse Center / TGI /.

The structure of the method Sinapsterapia includes the best methods of national schools of eastern medicine and physiotherapy in China, Thailand, Mongolia, Israel, Germany and Russia.

In 1990, specialists in the field of rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy from China, Mongolia, Russia, Israel and Germany decided to create a fundamentally new treatment and recovery method - Synapsetherapy, designed to treat chronic diseases.

Co-author of the idea of ​​creating the Synapsetherapy method - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, laureate of prestigious international prizes, the founder of Russian reflexotherapy, author of the Fundamental Leadership "Traditional and Modern Aspects of Eastern Reflexology" - Gavaa Luvsan 1923- 2005 Mongolia / Russia.

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Anatomical and physiological features of rehabilitation medicine

Combined application of rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy in the treatment of chronic orthopedic and endocrinological diseases leads to a slowing down of pathological processes in the body, correction of the musculoskeletal system, detoxification, strengthening of the immune system and metabolism.

The mechanism of action is based on complex, interdependent, reflex, neurohumoral, neuroendocrine, metabolic processes regulated by the nervous system:

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Manual therapy

The technique of manual therapy is used for chronic orthopedic diseases.
It is effective for the treatment of cervicothoracic and lumbosacral osteochondrosis of the spine,

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The method of alternative medicine dealing with disfunctions of anatomical structures of the human body,

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Therapeutic gymnastics \ LFK \

Therapeutic gymnastics, as a therapeutic method spesifically, have been used for many centuries in different countries of the world.

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1 21* The main differences in the approach to catering in places of mass recreation versus the project "Alternative Balkans"
* Teachings about nutrition
* The ABC's of a healthy diet

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