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Applied Psychology & Psychoanalysis

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Family psychology

Our clients are people after divorces, lost their loved ones, suffering from loneliness, and also those currently in a bad marriage.

Applied psychology develops its own methods and adopts new directions based on the basic principles of theoretical psychology.

The tasks of applied psychology are a constant search for solutions to a variety of practical problems that always arise in one's personal life.

Psychology of the family is an important part of applied psychology and is engaged in the study of psychological issues of family formation, analysis of interpersonal, intimate, economic, household relations of spouses among other subjects.

Numerous studies show that people who are married and have friends get ill less often and live longer than single people, divorced, unhappy in marriage, lost their loved ones, etc. Friends and family create a sense of reliability and stability. They can always come to the rescue at a difficult time, give advice, provide financial or material assistance. This increases self-confidence and helps successfully cope with difficult life situations, to keep your nervous and immune systems in order, which in order assists in avoiding the appearance of chronic diseases.

We work with those people whose personal life, for various reasons, has not been very successful - for people who survived divorces, are married but unhappy, for those who lost their loved ones and are lonely.

Most people want to create a new family or find a permanent friend or girlfriend, but starting a new relationship with age becomes a difficult task - the psychological burden of previous failures, depression, phobias, self-doubt and fears of repeating mistakes is crushing. There is a great psychological pressure on those who survive a divorce cause by the hard memories of the courts, the costs of lawyers, meetings with social workers, the emergence of material and housing problems, alimony, problems with children, etc.

Tourism is one of the most effective forms for solving psychological problems in personal life.

Our team includes experienced psychologists, psychotherapists, sex specialists, family creation specialists, astrologers, graffologists and lawyers.

We analyze personal data, take into account individual characteristics, social status, educatiol level, personal history and much more.
Analysis of the information obtained helps in the search for compatible partners.

Traveling together is not only an opportunity to see new cities and countries, it is, first of all, an excellent chance to find a partner in life and new friends, get rid of loneliness, and for married people the opportunity to improve relationships and save the family from  divorce.

The ultimate goal of joint travel is the creation of mutual interests, the formation of a common motivation, the stabilization of relations. Being together for 24 hours during a trip helps to better understand and get to know each other both from good and from the bad side and draw appropriate conclusions in one direction or another.

We work with travel agencies around the world and have the opportunity to organize VIP-class tours for 2 people - any complexity, focus, duration and cost.
We offer our clients individual and custome-made tourism programs.
On our site there are samples of ready custom tours, which can serve as an example for ordering an individual tour.

Our specialists will help you to choose the best route, hotel, recommend a cultural program that will best meet your wishes and opportunities

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