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Hotel "Panorama Zlatograd" / Bulgaria
Project  "Balkan Home"


The complex "Panorama" is located in the mountain forest district in a unique picturesque area above Zlatograd.

The combination of modern design, warm colors and aesthetics gives residents a sense of home comfort.

The hotel offers a beautiful panorama of the mountain-forest landscapes of Bulgaria and Greece.

The hotel is located 1 km from the city of Zelenograd and 12 km from the border of Greece.

The building was built in 1981. In the period 2008-2011 it was completely renovated.

The complex consists of two main and several servicing buildings: the first main building only consists of a part of the hotel, which guarantees silence throughout the day. The second building has a spa, an indoor swimming pool, a gym, a restaurant with 90 seats and two panoramic terraces with 100 more. The restaurant is popular due to the wide choice of local dishes made from organic products of the region.

The conference hall and the presentation room are located in a separate building, which makes it convenient to use at any time, no matter what events are happening in other parts of the complex.

The summer beach has 150 sun loungers, a cocktail bar and a barbecue. The water in the pool is heated, which makes the pool suitable for use in the spring and autumn seasons.

Sports facilities are suitable for tennis, volleyball, basketball and football.

The hotel has 50 double rooms and 4 suites. All rooms are equipped with local heating, air conditioning, telephone, TV, mini-bar, Wi-Fi, digital TV and a private bathroom.

It is 200 km away from the airport (Sofia).

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*Hotel "Romance Splendid and SPA"

Project  "Balkan Home"


It was built in 2005. Hotel  is located in 5 minutes from the seacoast of the Black Sea, and "St. Konstantin and Elena

The combination of wonderful nature, cultural sights, modern comfort, individual style and coziness, excellent service, modern medical services, all make the rest and treatment in the Hotel "Romance Splendid and SPA" unforgettable - impressions and sensation wise both.Varna is the pearl of the Bulgarian coast, the center of the northern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. The symbols of the city are a seaside park with unique trees, numerous museums, a festival and congress centers.

In the seaside park there is a lovely sandy beach, water slides, flower beds, fountains, cozy cafes, an aquarium, a dolphinarium, a planetarium, a Foucault pendulum.

An archaeological museum, the museum of national revival, the ethnographic museum, the Roman Baths (from the 11th-12th centuries AD), a clock tower, The Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral, are all at the service of tourists. The city center has a lot of architecture from the 19th and early 20th centuries, built in a Venetian style.

20 minutes from the international airport and 10 minutes from the center of Varna.

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