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Innovative project "Tammans Balkan"
Sanatoriums & Hospital Centers & Hotels & Apart-complexes & Nursing Homes

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Project №6 Tammans Balkan Project
Health Spa Golden View (Plovdiv)

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Project №7 Tammans Balkan Project
sanatorium-resort complex

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Project №8 Tammans Balkan Project
Sanatorium-resort complex

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The innovative project  Tammans Balkan is one of the most promising investment projects in Europe over the past 100 years in the field of sanatorium resort treatment.
The investment portfolio includes more than 70 projects that meet the highest standards required for construction of multicompartment buildings, hotels, sanatoriums, recreational compound and medical centers.

The project envisages the creation in Bulgaria, a European Union member, a network of sanatorium resorts for treatment of chronic orthopedic, endocrinological, neurological and geriatric diseases.

To implement the medical part of the project, a treatment and rehabilitation center in each sanatorium will be created, operating on the basis of exclusive Israeli methods, including the best achievements of the national schools of rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy in Europe and Asia.

Medical centers specialization covers all major areas of modern medicine, ranging from 70 to 80% of the total number of all types of diseases, which ensures demand for our services in almost all developed countries of the world.

We pay great attention to the development of treatment and rehabilitation programs for seniors leading an independent and not independent lifestyle.

Now, this area is one of the most promising segments for business in the field of sanatorium-resort treatment.

Globally, there is a steady increase in life expectancy of seniors (together with the financial component), whose number by 2050 should exceed two billion people.

Tammans Group International specialists  are working on creating much-needed programs that have a great future in aesthetic medicine.

Exclusive medical treatment and rehabilitation programs, high-quality construction, original architectural solutions combined with magnificent natural features (within a walking distance from the Black Sea shore, forest, mountains, lakes, and mineral water sources) ensure a high degree of profitability and year-round operation of our facilities.

Of great importance for investors is the fact that the Bulgarian property market is stable and has excellent growth prospects.

The Tammans Balkan innovative project is supported by the Bulgarian government that, as the project progresses, can lead to a reduction in tax liabilities.

Regardless of the amount of investment and technical parameters of the project, the full payback on any of our facilities does not exceed 5 years.


* Israeli methods of treatment of chronic orthopedic, endocrinological, neurological and geriatric diseases based on the latest developments of national schools of rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy in Israel, Bulgaria, China, South Korea, Thailand, Germany, and Russia.
* The latest technologies of sanatorium-resort treatment, which have no analogues in the world practice, developed taking into account the natural, economic and cultural features of Bulgaria  "Alternative Balkans and the Balkan House".
* The work on the projects went on for 25 years, medical assistance was provided to 9000 people, without a single complaint, which is an unprecedented phenomenon in the world medical practice.
* The unique treatment and prophylactic rehabilitation programs, creative architectural solutions in combination with such exceptional natural factors as the Black Sea shoreline and natural parkland areas  guarantee resort year-round  operation and its full tourist occupancy.

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