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Tammans Group International specializes in the organization of spa treatments  chronic orthopedic, endocrinological, neurological and geriatric diseases by the combined methods of alternative medicine and physiotherapy.
The basis of the company is Tammans Group Israel and Tammans Group Balkans LTD, registered in Israel and Bulgaria respectively.

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The company was registered in 2016 - Herzliya / Israel.
The main directions of our professional activity:
* Organization of sanatorium and resort forms of treatment of chronic diseases
* Organization of alternative treatment and rest options for the elderly people.
Specializes in providing a wide range of medical services in various fields of medicine - orthopedics, endocrinology, geriatrics, neurology, traumatology, applied psychology.
The treatment process is based on methods of alternative medicine and physiotherapy, using the most modern technologies and tactical schemes developed by Israeli specialists in close cooperation with colleagues from China, Mongolia, Thailand, Russia, Germany and other countries.
The company includes clinics for alternative medicine and physiotherapy, psychological service for the creation and preservation of the family, has partnerships with leading Israeli medical centers and clinics, maintains relations with doctors and specialists from around the world, works closely with the best Balkan hotels, spa centers, travel companies and many other companies, businesses and organizations.

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Tammans Group Balkans LTD

The company was registered in 2018 - Varna, Bulgaria.

It specialises in organising sanatorium and SPA treatment, medical tourism, custom-made tours, takes part in the projects "Alternative Balkans" and "Balkans home", as well as in investment programmes in the Balkans.

Alternative sanatorium-and-spa Alliance

"Alternative Balkans" & "Balkan Home" & "Alternative Israel" & "Alternative Bohemia"

"Alternative Sanatorium Alliance" is the first pilot project in the field of sanatorium-and-spa treatment of the Israeli company Tammans Group International, created on the basis of the best sanatoriums, hotels and spa centers that have passed the competitive selection.
* Authorized curative and recovery programs for the project were developed by specialists of the Israeli clinic of alternative medicine and physiotherapy "Synapse & Aksson Center" / Tammans Group Israel /.
* The program of the project specializes in the treatment of chronic orthopedic, endocrine, neurological
and geriatric diseases using alternative medicine and physiotherapy.

The Alternative Balkans Project / Bulgaria & Montenegro/
Specialises in treatment of chronic diseases - arthritis, arthrosis, bursitis, osteochondrosis, spondyloarthrosis, radiculitis, overweight, type 2 diabetes, etc.

Project "Balkan House" / Bulgaria & Montenegro/
Alternative treatment and rest project for the elderly people.

Project "Alternative Israel" / Israel /
Treatment of chronic orthopedic and endocrine diseases

The project "Alternative Bohemia" / Czech Republic /
The beginning of work is November 2018.

Health and medical tours

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Sanatorium-and-spa Alliance
Hotels / SPA Centers

The International Association "Sanatorium-and-Spa Alliance" is a partnership of operating sanatoriums, boarding houses, hotels and spa centers.

*Hotel Romance Splendid and SPA Hotel / Bulgaria
Resort St. Konstantin and Elena

*Hotel South Beach / Bulgaria

*Hotel Panorama Zlatograd / Bulgaira
*Hotel "LA Mer Apartcomplex" Varna/ Bulgaria
Resort Golden Sands
*Hotel " Koziyat Rog / Pomorie / Bulgaria

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Chronic orthopedic, endocrinological, neurological and geriatric diseases

Unconventional medicine and physiotherapy in a complex combination with clinical dietology and applied psychology is a real alternative for the treatment of chronic diseases.

Chronic orthopedic, endocrinological and geriatric diseases account for 75% - 80% of the total number of all diseases known to modern medicine.

Characterized by pain syndromes, limited mobility in the joints and spine, changes in metabolism, cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems.
Patients are characterized with chronic fatigue, loss of efficiency, increased irritability, constant nervous tension, which leads to conflicts at work and in the family.

The presence of chronic diseases greatly increases the likelihood of cardiac and oncological problems

Methods of treatment
Alternative medicine & Physiotherapy & Dietology & Applied psychology

Conventional medicine for the treatment of chronic diseases offers surgical and medicament methods that have many drawbacks, only provide a temporary effect, and have a large number of side effects.

Alternative medicine and physiotherapy have no side effects and have the ability to neutralize the causes contributing to the occurrence of chronic diseases.

The method was based on the teachings of national schools of alternative medicine and physiotherapy in China, Mongolia, Thailand, Israel, Germany, Russia.
In the process of creating this method, thousands of unique archival documents were studied, extensive research was carried out to study the medical experience accumulated in Buddhist monasteries, information was exchanged with the best clinics of alternative medicine in Asia, America and Europe.

The method "Sinapsterapia" is one of the newest most promising and effective directions in the complex treatment of chronic diseases, aimed at neutralizing anatomical and physiological pathologies.
As a result of the treatment, the body is cleansed of osteophytes and slags, there is a recovery of the periosteum, metabolism, capillary, nervous and immune systems. It includes more than 20,000 various techniques, methods and tactical schemes that include both original developments from specialists of our company and a wide range of all the main types of non-traditional medicine and physiotherapy of national schools of the world's leading countries.
The purpose and nature of the procedures is individual, based on the study of the medical history, diagnosis and condition of the patient at a particular point in time.
The course of treatment of chronic diseases takes into account all the information about the patient and includes the recommendations of the Israeli specialists who form the basis of the individual medical card "Synapse", the preliminary registration of which is a prerequisite for visitors for treatment in the framework of the Alternative Balkans and Balkan House projects.

Tour order policy

* Registration of individual medical card "Synapse".
To do this, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with a brief description of your state of health, with an extract from your medical history, the conclusion of specialists/doctors and laboratory data.

* Registration of medical insurance.



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